Discover The Importance Of Our Radiator Repairs In Edgbaston

It can be easy to assume that your radiators not providing the right heat for your home will be a problem for your boiler system. The reality is that many radiator problems stem from the maintenance and quality of your radiators; which need care and attention too.

At WTC Heating we are called to homes across Edgbaston and further afield to offer professional radiator repairs for homeowners. When we receive an issue from a property owner, we will diagnose and analyse the specific situation we are faced with to find the right solution.

What are the three most common radiator repairs we deal with in Edgbaston?

  • Cold patches in radiator: They can occur at the bottom, middle or top of the radiator system and each is as a result of a slightly different problem. Finding cold patches at the top usually means that there is trapped air in the system while the middle and bottom cold patches pertain to a sludge build up.
  • Radiator bleeding not working: If you have tried to bleed your radiator but you are coming across problems, don’t worry you are not the first. We can source radiator keys and help to stop your radiator from dripping after bleeding – a common problem we cope with.
  • Failing radiators across your property: Some radiators don’t work across your property while others do: why? Our team can help to diagnose the problem for each radiator to find the right solution.

If you would like to find out more about our radiator repairs in Edgbaston, speak with us today.

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